Free Trial Program for ME/CFS/LC/FM

As part of our commitment to "patients over profits"---a value Cannanda has held since our launch in 2016---this program was developed with the understanding that countless individuals with ME/CFS, long COVID, and fibromyalgia are using our products to improve their quality of life.

You are likely here because you have tried many other products and services in your healing journey and financial limitations can make it hard to keep trying new potential solutions until you find what works for your body.

If this is you, please complete and submit the following online application. If/when you are approved, you'll receive an email with what free products we will ship for you to try (you'll only pay for shipping: $9.99 CAD in Canada, $15.99 USD in the US).

Due to the volume of applications, please note that we cannot reply to every application. You will only receive an email if your application as been approved.

If you find our products work for your physiology, genetics, and unique health situation, be sure to sign up to our email list to be notified of promos and discounts, and sign up to our Rewards Program to help make your future purchases more affordable. 

By participating in this program and accepting your free order of products, you agree that you are doing so voluntarily, and that in no way are you obligated to accept our offer. You also recognize that this is simply a goodwill gesture by Cannanda to financially assist you in discovering whether our products would work for you (without incurring the expenses typically associated with the trial and error process in finding the right fit for your body). Accepted participants are required to pay a shipping fee ($9.99 CAD in Canada; $15.99 USD in the US), which is non-refundable. Cannanda offers no guarantee that our products will be a fit for your body, nor can we predict how you’ll respond. While many individuals find our products offer noticeable benefits, and in some cases with dramatic results, it’s also known that all products and drugs will cause some individuals with ME/CFS to “crash” or feel worse. By accepting your order, you accept this risk and release Cannanda and our associates/employees from any and all liabilities. You further agree that the products we recommended do not amount to a "prescription," and you may request changes if you feel another product would be a better fit.

Thanks for completing your application! We will reach out to you by email if you are approved.