A new tool to help improve insulin sensitivity and regulate metabolic health

Can “CB2 Oil” Help Control Blood Sugar?

TORONTO, Nov. 23, 2022 /3DMC Press/ - November 2022 marked the 100th anniversary of a truly Canadian innovation: the discovery of insulin. This life-saving hormone can help control blood sugar and prevent the disastrous consequences that set in when blood sugar remains elevated for prolonged periods of time. Over the last century, this has saved millions of lives and improved the quality of life for millions of others.

However, despite the improvements in healthcare, and ongoing research in this area, 1 in 3 Canadians still live with diabetes or prediabetes. Moreover, millions are living with undiagnosed diabetes, and without proper diagnosis and care, the negative consequences can impact nearly every aspect of health including brain health and cognition, heart and cardiovascular health, blood pressure, energy levels, risk of cataracts and glaucoma, nervous system health (e.g., neuropathy), risk of infections and immune system health, and skin health just to name a few.

While raising awareness and proper diagnosis is one solution, expanding the tools we have to combat this damaging disease is another. Regular physical activity and reducing the time spent being sedentary is likely the single largest factor in reducing the risk of diabetes. There are also various drugs that have been shown to help, but these come with their own set of potential side-effects.

For this reason, many are looking for natural alternatives, and one novel and promising approach is to activate the body’s CB2 receptors. Many drug companies are developing synthetic compounds to target this receptor, while natural health brands like Cannanda have already hit the market with products like their “CB2 oil” (a blend of 100% natural terpenes extracted from common botanical sources).

While Cannanda does not make any claims to treat blood sugar or diabetes, many concerned with blood sugar control have taken it upon themselves to start using “CB2 agonists” (compounds or products that activate the CB2 receptor).

So do products like Cannanda CB2 work to control blood sugar? To answer this, we need to look at what the studies have revealed.

Activating the body’s CB2 receptors

A growing number of studies and scientific research has shown that activating these critical body receptors can have multiple benefits related to blood sugar control and diabetes. Indeed, the studies are very promising and show that activating CB2 receptors can improve insulin secretion by the pancreas and improve insulin sensitivity in the peripheral tissues (muscles, fat tissues, and the liver). At the same time, CB2 receptor activation can mitigate the consequences of high blood sugar, which results in inflammation and oxidative stress (damage to the cells and their DNA by “free-radicals”) that ultimately result in adverse health outcomes like cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease.

One interesting way CB2 receptor activation seems to work is by improving the metabolic processes in specialized tissues called brown fat, a critical component of whole-body metabolism. Increasing the amount of brown fat has been linked to a reduced risk in many age-related degenerative conditions. By extension, this might also benefit blood sugar control.

Dr. Lee Know, founder of Cannanda, states:

“While we do not have regulatory approval to say Cannanda CB2 will have any impact to anyone’s blood sugar, we’ve heard many are using it for that purpose due to the exciting studies on CB2 receptor activation. With further research ongoing in this area, in a few years, you just might see a CB2 oil specific for blood sugar control.”

This Canadian innovation won the National Nutrition’s Innovation Award in 2019 and it’s surprisingly affordable compared to many alternatives. Most importantly, Cannanda CB2 oil has high success rate (roughly 2 in 3 who use will find benefits), and due to its lack of adverse drug interactions, it can be taken alongside other diabetic medications or supplements if you’re already taking them.

So, if you live with diabetes/prediabetes or have been advised to control your blood sugar, take an active role in your healthcare. Get physically active, minimize your time spent sitting, tweak your diet and food choices, and consider nutritional supplements like Cannanda CB2. There is a lot you can do bring your body back to health!



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