Achievement recognizes CB2 oil as a safe and effective supplement for dogs

Veterinarians recommend Dog-Ease CB2 oil

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, March 23, 2023 /3DMC Press/ -- Cannanda®, a leading provider of natural health supplements and the creator of “CB2 oil,” is thrilled to announce that its CB2 Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil has been granted Veterinary Health Product (VHP) status by Health Canada. This product is a breakthrough in canine health and is now officially recognized for its safety and effectiveness.

Although it’s often compared to CBD oil, Cannanda CB2® Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil is a specially formulated supplement that is safer than CBD oil because it doesn't have adverse drug interactions (which CBD does), has double the success rate compared to CBD, is legal to travel with across international borders, and is far more affordable. Unlike CBD oil, Health Canada has granted VHP status to CB2 Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil due to the extensive safety data available and its effectiveness in promoting canine health.

Additionally, Health Canada has approved some substantial health claims, which include:

  • May support joint health
  • May help relieve stress during travel, diet changes, and weather changes
  • May support a healthy immune system
  • Supports general health

Pet owners can have complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of this product, which is backed by Health Canada's stringent regulations.

"We are proud to offer a product that is not only highly effective but also safe and affordable for pet owners," said Dr. Lee Know, co-founder and CEO of Cannanda. "CB2 Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil has double the success rate compared to CBD oil and is a natural way to support canine health without any adverse side effects. We are thrilled to have received the Veterinary Health Product status from Health Canada, which reinforces the efficacy and safety of our product."

Cannanda CB2® Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil is available for purchase online and through hundreds of retailers across Canada. For more information or to purchase direct from Cannanda, please visit


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