While other companies across all industries increase their prices, Cannanda keeps prices steady

Cannanda freezes price of CB2 oil to counter the rise in cost of living

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, February 16, 2023 /3DMC Press/ – There is an ongoing cost of living crisis, and it’s a very harsh reality for many of us right now, and recent consumer sentiment indicates that many have made cutbacks on their health and wellness spending. For those of us in the healthcare and wellness industries, this comes as a surprise, especially since staying healthy is likely the wisest investment one can make. Health is at the heart of all else. It allows us the freedom to enjoy time with friends and family, allows us to work, go to school, stay out of the hospital, and avoid expensive prescription drugs. While we’d argue that spending on health and wellness is a non-negotiable essential spend, there’s no denying that our spending habits have been impacted due to inflationary pressures.

While nearly all brands are busy increasing their prices to cover rising raw material and supply chain costs, others, like Cannanda®, are pledging to freeze prices of their CB2 oils. Of course, the current problem that we’re all facing can’t be solved by price freezing alone, but it’s a small gesture and commitment that goes against the grain—and one that will be welcomed by hundreds of thousands of loyal Cannanda users who rely on these products to maintain their health, wellness, and high a quality of life.

The brand announced in January that it would be keeping prices across its entire line the same for the foreseeable future, and instead implementing other creative ways to recoup its shrinking profit margins. The decision was made by the brand in an attempt to continue to deliver ‘affordable natural health’ to all of its customers.

When asked about the prize freeze, founder and CEO of the brand Dr. Lee Know, says; “At Cannanda, one of our core values is to keep our prices as affordable as possible, since, for many of our customers, the use of our products is not a luxury, but a necessity for maintaining their quality of life.”

Dr. Know continued: “Increasing prices is a lazy way to maintain profitability and in the end, only punishes our customers. That to me is not a good business model. By looking at our full operations, we have found creative ways to keep prices steady to ease the burden of inflation for our loyal users.”

It’s a move that follows in the footsteps of a handful of other brands, and throws down the gauntlet to see which other health-related companies will put ‘patients before profits.’

Here’s to hoping more brands follow in the same direction. 

For more information about the benefits of Cannanda’s CB2 oils, please visit the company's website at cannanda.com.


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