The Legal, Non-Prescription Alternative for Fast Relief

With almost daily questions from consumers across the globe asking how to our best-selling CB2™ products with their dogs, we though it was about time to create a line specifically for dogs. CB2™ Dog-Ease terpene blend is the physician-formulated, multi-award-winning product that is used as a legal alternative to CBD (cannabidiol), and can bring fast relief from pain, anxiety, and so much more.

Better than CBD

Why is Cannanda CB2 better than CBD?
  1. Directly activates CB2 receptors (CBD does NOT activate any cannabinoid receptor)
  2. Has far better bioavailability (bioavailability is one of the main limiting factors for CBD)
  3. Likely due to the two reasons above, has about a 60-70% success rate...or 2 out of every 3 dogs will find it works (CBD's success rate is only about 33%, or 1 out of 3 find it works)
  4. 100% GRAS status, making CB2 as safe to consume as food (CBD had its self-affirmed GRAS status revoked by the US FDA)
  5. Just because an ingredient is GRAS, however, doesn't mean it's safe for dogs. We only use ingredients proven to be safe for humans AND dogs (CBD still has many gaps in knowledge on safety and toxicology--not just for humans, but especially for dogs).
  6. Safer for dogs since most CBD products have undisclosed THC, which is toxic for dogs.
  7. No adverse drug interactions (CBD has numerous known adverse drugs interactions, and can be dangerous for any dog taking certain medications)
  8. Legal to travel with internationally (an important point as international travel starts to open up again--you cannot travel across international borders with CBD)
  9. Far more affordable (even with data showing CBD prices coming down due to lack of demand vs. the supply, it's still FAR more expensive on a cost-per-day basis)

Activating the CB2 Receptor
CB2 is one of the two main receptors of the ECS. There are numerous benefits to activating this receptor without activating the CB1 receptor (the receptor THC activates, and what is responsible for the "high" associated with cannabis). Click HERE to view some of the studies illustrating the benefits of CB2 receptor activation.

Cannanda CB2 terpene blend (100% natural terpenes from botanical essential oils).

Contains NO: animal by-products, wheat/gluten, dairy/lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, corn, sugar, GMO, artificial flavours or colours.

Suggested Uses
Dogs & Horses: Use 1 drop for every 25 lbs of body weight. Mix into food, or add drops to their favourite treat just prior to consuming. May be used topically for targeted local relief.
Cats: Since cats metabolize terpenes much slower than humans, dogs, or horses, we only recommend using this blend with an aromatherapy diffuser. Place a couple drops in your ultrasonic diffuser like you would with any essential oil and place close by your cat.