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CB2 Terpene Total Body Healing

pain + sleep + anxiety

No drug interactions! THC-FREE, CBD-FREE!

Whole-Body Healing

Delicious Relief


CB2 directly on your skin

Topical Relief


Taste Dogs Love



Multi - Award - Winning!

Your body can heal!

Unparalleled science and medical expertise

Our world-famous terpene blends are formulated by award-winning doctor and best-selling author, Dr. Lee Know.

Dr. Know has held positions as Scientific Evaluator, and Director of R&D for major organizations, and sits on the board of Canada's most-read natural health magazine and one of the world's most-visited natural health websites. Drawing on an extensive network of doctors, health experts, and industry professionals, our products go through rigorous testing and scientific validation for years before ever reaching your hands.

This is why Cannanda is the #1 terpene brand recommended by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, pharmacists, osteopaths, psychotherapists, and veterinarians.

Quality You Can Trust

From the people
From the people
When I was out of town I purchased CB2 for our dog and find it's working better than the CBD oil we had her on
— Doug (via email)
From the people
I bought this for my mom as she has fibromyalgia, and this has helped her a ton. She's able to sleep now with barely any pain!
— Amazon.ca review
From the people
This product REALLY works for my knee pain, and it is a LOT cheaper than the medical CBD I have been using by FAR. Thank you
— Amazon.ca review
From the people
I have had serious insomnia for 25 years. Last 2 weeks, I have had the best sleep ever! It's astounding how well this works! No drug feeling after. Give it a try. Hope you get the same benefit!
— Amazon.ca review
From the people
Having fibromyalgia, this kind of inner pain relief has been so helpful! You don't get all dopey at all! It actually tastes good and a fair size bottle too! Great deal!
— Amazon.ca review
From the people
We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly this worked to relieve pain. One of us with a sore back, the other with an injured knee. It is not messy, absorbs well and worked quickly.
— Amazon.ca review

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