This award-winning “CB2 oil,” featuring beta-caryophyllene, is unlike any other vegan omega-3 oil on the market.

Cannanda CB2 oil best non-marine vegan omega-3 high in SDA

HALIFAX, NS, January 31, 2024 /3DMC Press/ – Cannanda, the innovative company behind the award-winning CB2 oil, is excited to announce the repositioning of their CB2 Hemp Seed Oil as a versatile Omega 3-6-9 product, and available exclusively through This move comes as a response to the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to fish oils, and Cannanda is proud to offer a solution that not only benefits the environment but also provides numerous health benefits.

Hemp seed oil is often considered the best non-marine source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, making it a natural choice for those looking to incorporate more of these healthy fats into their diet. With the repositioning of CB2 Hemp Seed Oil, Cannanda is now able to offer a sustainable and plant-based alternative to fish oils. This is a significant step towards reducing the overfishing of our oceans and promoting a more environmentally-friendly approach to health and wellness.

Cannanda CB2 Hemp Seed Oil also features their proprietary "CB2 terpene blend," with beta-caryophyllene as its backbone. This unique blend of terpenes has been scientifically proven to activate the CB2 receptors in the body, making this an unprecedented innovation on the market. Other unique aspects of the oil include:

  • Stearidonic Acid: Hemp seed oil is recognized for containing a unique omega 3 known as Stearidonic Acid (SDA). SDA is more efficiently converted into EPA in the body compared to other plant-based sources, making it an invaluable addition to a balanced diet.
  • Gamma-Linolenic Acid: Cannanda CB2 Omega 3-6-9 oil is also a fantastic source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an Omega 6 fatty acid with numerous health benefits. GLA is the reason individuals seek out and purchase evening primrose oil or borage oil.
  • Polyphenol-Rich: Hemp seed oil is naturally rich in polyphenols (which are absent in fish oils). These are compounds that offer numerous health benefits, and the reason why berries and many vegetables are so healthy to consume.
  • Delicious Flavor Options: Cannanda CB2 Omega 3-6-9 oil comes in three delightful flavors to please your palate: the original unflavored version for purists and two delectable options—Sweet Ginger and Orange Creamsicle—for those who prefer a burst of flavor in their oils.

"We are thrilled to reposition our CB2 Hemp Seed Oil as a versatile and sustainable Omega 3-6-9 product," says Cannanda's Managing Director, Dr. Lee Know. "At Cannanda, we are committed to providing innovative and natural solutions for health and wellness, and we believe that this repositioning is a step in the right direction towards a healthier and more sustainable future."

Cannanda CB2 Omega 3-6-9 is exclusively available for purchase through Amazon:

With this repositioning, Cannanda continues to lead the way in providing natural and sustainable alternatives for health and wellness. For more information, please visit their website at