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We are dedicated to helping people and their animal friends achieve a full and happy life through our physician-formulated innovations. We've won multiple awards for our high-quality products, which are designed to provide safe and effective solutions for pain, sleep issues, and anxiety.

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Terms & Conditions

The CANNANDA Affiliate Program is open to individuals in Canada and the 48 contiguous United States who provide and maintain a valid digital presence on social media, blogs, and other digital formats easily accessible to the public.

Resellers/Distributors may not participate in the Affiliate Program. By joining the program, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age or older and by using this program you agree that you have read and agree to all the rules of this program. You specifically agree to provide and maintain a valid email address and to keep CANNANDA informed of any changes to your email address. Your acceptance is nontransferable and is subject to present and future program rules. By participating in the Affiliate Program, you agree to receive advertising, marketing materials and other communications from CANNANDA.

Participation in the Affiliate Program is subject to the program rules, regulations, policies and procedures (“Program Rules”) that CANNANDA may, at its discretion, adapt from time to time. CANNANDA may amend or resolve the Program Rules or any aspect of the program at any time without notice. CANNANDA has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules.


As an Affiliate, you will earn commission based on your "tier," which are subject to change at any time. To accumulate commission from orders, customers must purchase through your unique link, provided to you in your welcome/acceptance email.

Commission is calculated on the net value of the order, after customer discounts, promos, and excluding taxes and shipping (if applicable). Commission payouts are subject to a 30-day holding period. During this period, the commission of canceled and fully refunded orders will be automatically canceled. After the 30-day holding period is over, the commission will be automatically scheduled for the next payment schedule, which can take another 30 days (meaning it could be up to 60 days from an order to receive a commission payout).

The commission is paid out if you have activated automatic payouts on your side. You will need to activate auto-payouts on your side to get paid via PayPal. If you have not activated auto-payouts, the commission will NOT be released after the 30-day holding period until you activate automatic payouts.

All Affiliates are deemed independent contractors, and in all cases have the responsibility to comply with your respective tax obligations, including reporting commission income and and remitting any applicable taxes and tax forms.

Commission Rate and Tiers:

The Affiliate Program has 6 levels, or Tiers. Level 1 starts with 10% commission.

Affiliates will move up to the next level, after 10 qualifying sales. With each level, there is an additional 2% commission, up to a maximum of 20% commission (Level 6, after a total of 50 qualifying sales).

Maintaining Status:

To maintain your Affiliate status and Tier level with us, a minimum number of qualifying orders on a rolling 12-month basis is required, as follows:

>> Tier 1 (10% commission): 10 orders within the preceding 12 months
>> Tier 2 (12% commission): 12 orders within the preceding 12 months
>> Tier 3 (14% commission): 14 orders within the preceding 12 months
>> Tier 4 (16% commission): 16 orders within the preceding 12 months
>> Tier 5 (18% commission): 18 orders within the preceding 12 months
>> Tier 6 (20% commission): 20 orders within the preceding 12 months

Non-Qualifying Purchases

The following items are considered non-qualifying purchases for which commission will not be awarded: Purchases made for resale; any products received as FREE from CANNANDA or any CANNANDA reseller; products received for FREE through a redemption, contest or giveaway; orders where another promo or discount was used; and any product not purchased through For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the phrase “purchases” means purchases less returns.

Membership Expiration, Cancellation and Termination

Memberships may be canceled at any time by notifying Cannanda by email ( Cancellation may take up to a week or longer to finalize. Upon cancellation your membership will be inactivated. If your Membership is revoked, any commission in your account that has not been paid out will automatically be removed.

In the case of fraud or abuse involving the Affiliate Program, CANNANDA has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including but not limited to revocation/cancellation of any commission and/or termination of your Program eligibility, and all commission earned through the Program may be forfeited and your Program account(s) closed.

In situations involving errors or misuse of the program, we specifically reserve the right to freeze an account and stop future payout of commission. CANNANDA reserves the right to terminate your membership for any reason or no reason and at its sole discretion.

Resellers and Distributors

Resellers and Distributors are specifically excluded from the program. If you purchase items for resale, we reserve the right not to award commission, to deduct improperly awarded commission, to invalidate improperly issued commission from such accounts, as well as to terminate the membership and decline to permit anyone associated with the resale activity or the account to enroll in the Affiliate Program or any CANNANDA program. We have sole discretion over whether to deem any purchase a “purchase for resale”.

Participation Exclusions

CANNANDA employees and their respective parents, subsidiaries, franchisees, advertising and promotions agencies, affiliated companies, sponsors, vendors and the immediate family members of and members of the households of such employees are not eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program, without prior approval and only if meeting the selection criteria for which every other Affiliate must meet.

Member Communications

For information about your membership, or questions regarding the Program Rules, email

General Program Information and Disclaimer

If and when possible, CANNANDA will always try to communicate weeks or months in advance of any changes to the Affiliate Program; however, CANNANDA retains the right to terminate the Program at any time for any reason or no reason and with or without notice. In that event, the right to earn commission will end immediately, regardless of the extent of your participation in the Program. CANNANDA may terminate the Program, in whole or in part, effective immediately in any jurisdiction(s) if required to do so by applicable law.

CANNANDA has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules, and all questions or disputes regarding these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by CANNANDA in its sole discretion. CANNANDA reserves the right to make changes to its website, and these disclaimers, Terms and Conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check or review these terms and conditions from time to time to keep informed of any changes.

Applicable Law

The Affiliate Program is created by Shopify and managed by CANNANDA in the Province of Ontario, Canada. As such, the laws of Ontario will govern these disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. By accepting membership into the Affiliate Program, you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts located in Ontario, Canada in all disputes arising out of or relating to these terms and conditions or the Program.