A new perspective and nuanced approach to discussing natural flavours and why Cannanda “CB2 oil” is considered a natural flavour

 Cannanda CB2 oil - hemp seed oil infused with terpenes and steam-distilled natural flavours

TORONTO, Aug. 31, 2023 /3DMC Press/ - The debate over the health benefits and potential risks of natural flavours has been a topic of discussion among healthcare professionals, consumers, and the natural health community. Cannanda (www.cannanda.com), a pioneering brand in the field of therapeutic terpenes and creator of CB2 oil, is stepping forward to address these concerns and shed light on the often-misunderstood realm of natural flavours.

Recent years have seen a rise in concerns regarding the use of natural flavours in food and beverage products. Healthcare professionals have cautioned against these flavours due to their alleged inclusion of various ingredients that may not be healthy or could trigger adverse reactions. Compounds such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) have faced criticism, and there have been worries about the use of processing aids, including potentially toxic compounds like organic solvents, which might find their way into the final product without being disclosed on labels.

Cannanda recognizes these concerns as valid and essential to address. As a brand dedicated to harnessing the therapeutic benefits of terpenes, and particularly their award-winning CB2 oils that feature beta-caryophyllene, Cannanda aims to provide clarity and transparency in the discussion surrounding natural flavours. Terpenes, which are present in a variety of plants, are often regulated as natural flavours and listed as such on product labels. However, Cannanda's unique approach sets them apart.

Unlike the common practices of using potentially harmful processing aids and solvents in the extraction of natural flavours, Cannanda exclusively employs physical processes such as cold-pressing and steam-distillation. These methods result in terpenes extracted in their purest form, with purified water being the only “solvent” used. This commitment to clean extraction techniques ensures that Cannanda's terpenes are untainted by toxic compounds and remain truly beneficial for your health.

"Terpenes have demonstrated significant therapeutic potential, and our mission is to unlock these benefits without compromising on safety and quality," says Dr. Lee Know, founder and managing director of Cannanda. "Our clean extraction methods set us apart from the common misconceptions associated with natural flavours. As a health company, we believe in providing consumers with products that are both effective and safe for consumption."

It's important to differentiate between the questionable compounds that have sparked concerns and the clean extraction methods that Cannanda advocates. By focusing on specific compounds and processing techniques, the brand is encouraging consumers and health practitioners to consider a more nuanced approach to the natural flavours discourse.

As Cannanda strives to set the record straight on natural flavours, they invite consumers and stakeholders to explore the benefits of terpenes harnessed through clean, non-toxic methods. By redefining the conversation and showcasing the potential for these healthy and beneficial compounds, Cannanda is reshaping the way we perceive natural flavours.


About Cannanda

Cannanda is a pioneering brand in the field of therapeutic terpenes, dedicated to providing consumers with the benefits of these health-promoting compounds through clean extraction techniques. With a commitment to transparency and quality, Cannanda is setting new standards in the world of natural flavours. To explore more, visit www.cannanda.com.

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