CB2™ Hemp Seed Oil Variety Bundle

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Save 16% ($19) off regular price with this bundle! A delicious way to enjoy top-selling Cannanda CB2® Hemp Seed Oil, now flavoured with all-natural, steam-distilled flavours.

With this bundle, it's only 68 cents per 1 tsp (containing 1 drop of CB2 terpene blend). That's about the cost of a coffee at your local coffee shop.

Are you a first-time buyer? Try risk-free with our no-hassle money-back guarantee. Love it or we'll give you a 100% refund! (Limitations apply. Please read our guarantee and refund policy if it's your first time trying this product.)

Certified organic hemp seed oil, natural flavour (Cannanda CB2® terpenes featuring beta-caryophyllene extracted from botanical essential oils).

Flavoured oils also include: 100% plant-based steam-distilled natural flavours, monk fruit extract.

Third-party lab tested to be free from yeast, mould, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. 0% THC or CBD!
Take 1 Tbs once or twice daily with meals. Start with 1 tsp per serving and slowly increase to your preferred daily amount.

Use raw and unheated. Try using as a salad dressing, or blend into smoothies, protein or green drinks, and any other healthy recipe that does not involve heat or cooking, or consume directly off the spoon.
Contains D-limonene.

Free from: gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustaceans, soy, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphites, animal by-products, carrageenan, sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives.
Are Cannanda’s products safe if I’m drug tested for banned substances?

YES! Cannanda CB2 is completely safe if you are subjected to random drugs tests at work or for athletic events.

While many CBD products “should” be safe, many have undeclared THC, which can result in a positive drug test for cannabis. We’ve heard quite a few stories like this, so don’t take the risk with CBD if you’re subjected to random drug tests!

Can I travel internationally with it?

While CB2 Hemp Seed Oil is legal in many countries, it contains hemp seed oil, which may not be legal in various countries around the world. Check with local laws before travelling with hemp seed oil products.

What is SDA?

Considered an omega-3 fatty acid, SDA is an alternative non-fish, vegetarian source of omega-3s. When most think of vegetarian sources of omega-3s, ALA is what comes to mind. While ALA-rich foods often are recommended as an additional or alternative source of omega-3s for those who don’t or can’t consume fish, the conversion of ALA to longer long-chain fatty acids like EPA and DHA is inefficient.

The benefit of SDA is that its conversion is far more efficient, making SDA an important fatty acid for everyone, but especially vegetarians.

Unfortunately, dietary sources of SDA are limited, but hemp seeds are one of the best! Each tbs of Cannnada CB2 Hemp Seed Oil provides approximately 190 mg of SDA in addition to our multi-award-winning, doctor-formulated CB2 blend of terpenes that your CB2 receptors love.

What is GLA?

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an “essential” fatty acid, which means that the body does not produce this fatty acid on its own and therefore must be consumed from the diet. Your body uses GLA to produce substances that support cardiovascular health (helps maintain cholesterol levels, and build HDL—the “good” cholesterol), and helps to make the myelin sheath that surrounds nerves (this is what’s damaged in Multiple Sclerosis). GLA supplements are often used to treat arthritis, ADHD, PMS, discomforts of menopause, MS, and liver cirrhosis.

Each tbs of Cannnada CB2 Hemp Seed Oil provides a high amount of GLA (approximately 480 mg) in addition to our multi-award-winning, doctor-formulated CB2 blend of terpenes that activate your CB2 receptors.

Customer Reviews

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Love them all

Great bundle deal, and enjoyed by the whole family.

Tastes great, works even better!

Best tasting hemp seed oils on the market. My wife and I take a spoonful every night after dinner, and we both agree it's helped us feel 10 years younger. Less joint pain, healthier complexion, more stable mood. What more can we ask for?

Sue H
Natural Flavors?

I am VERY concerned about the natural flavors, which can be very bad. I bought this product based on a recommendation. I had a terrible allergic reaction. My mouth swelled up. The product made me feel sick and gave me anxiety. I do not understand why they would sneak in natural flavors when most health care professionals suggest to avoid them. It was a waste of money for me. I still have 2 unopened bottles.

So sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with the product. It's obviously upsetting to have this reaction to a product that you thought was going to improve your health.

We can confirm that our products are free from all of Health Canada's 'priority allergens' (i.e., gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustaceans, soy, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphites) and also free from any undesirable ingredients.

While SOME ingredients in SOME natural flavours might be a concern to some people, it's important to know that terpenes (the therapeutic compounds in our products) are regulated as 'natural flavours' and the reason why you see them listed as such on our products.

For the Sweet Ginger and Orange Creamsicle flavours, the flavours are steam-distilled from plant sources (no chemical solvents are used), and there are no 'nature-identical' synthetic compounds.

Lastly, we are known for our amazing no-hassle money-back guarantee, so if you haven't already, please initiate the refund process so that you can at least get your money back for products that are not a fit for your body.

Hope you're feeling better and thanks for the review.


I received a bottle as part of my Maple Box subscription and I am definitely hooked. This is the best I have slept in months.

Julien Marquis
A true panacea!

No matter what your ailment is in life, you can bet that taking CB2 oil will make a notable difference within a few days!